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Take a Pakistani child into your family today.

By sponsoring a child, you give a gift of education.  You put food on the table of a very poor widow and her children.  You also give medical assistance and provide in other needs.  You bring hope of a better future for a child who had no chance of being successful. 

By giving a donation, you provide food for poor brick maker families, help with the cost of buying sewing machines for the sewing school students and bring relief to poverty in many other ways.

If you decided to sponsor a child:

  • It is the ideal to commit to this sponsorship until the child turns 18.
  • You are free to cancel the sponsorship at any time.  
  • Schedule a payment online or through PayPal.

Please complete the following:

Details about sponsorship:

Name of the child you want to sponsor:
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Amount donated: AUD
Method of Payment:

Banking details are available on the website.  You can also do payment via PayPal on our website. 

Receipts will be issued at the end of the financial year.  Thank you for your sponsorship.

Date Submitted:

Please set up Scheduled Payment.